Slack Review Reddit – Why Slack Is The Best Communication Tool

This is our comprehensive Slack Review Reddit. In this Slack Review Reddit, you will learn why this software is the best communication tool ever. But there are also some things you need to know about this software that you may never have heard before. Let’s get to it!

It’s not surprising that teams often use the phrase “Slack Me” these days. As a powerful and efficient team messaging app, Slack has earned its credibility and place in the communication software space.

It appears to be a simple text messaging app, which allows you to share files. But at the second peek, the interface is clean, simple, and would be a good fit for larger companies that have high-end security features. You’ll find a variety of add-ons to help improve your workplace productivity.

slack review reddit

Pricing and plans (Slack Review Reddit)

Slack is often perceived as free by most people. Slack is free to sign up and you can add many users. Then, you can start using it. After using the app for several months, you may encounter some limitations such as the number of messages that can be stored and the amount of file storage you have.

The prices for upgrading to a paid plan are slightly higher than those of other team messaging apps. The Standard plan is $6.67 per month for a user, while Zoho Cliq is only $1 per month. Slack also offers a Pro plan that costs $12.50 per month per user. These prices are applicable to annual plans.

The Standard plan allows you to break the messaging barrier because it includes unlimited messaging. Each user has the ability to store up to 10GB of files.

The Pro plan provides you with enterprise features include the ability to export all messages, and one sign-on feature. The Pro plan offers up to 20GB storage per user, and custom message retention policies.

Performance and Interface (Slack Review Reddit)

Slack is a joy to use. In fact, Slack is intuitively easy to use. You will see a list of default channels that can be used to collaborate in groups. At the top left corner of the interface, you will see direct messaging chats, which can be one-on-one or in small groups.

Slack is able to distinguish between “chat” and “channel”, which is something that some team messaging apps don’t do. Instead of using the word “chat”, Slack uses “direct messages”, a term borrowed from Twitter that automatically implies privacy.

It is easy to recognize the clean interface. The colors used are dark purple and white/gray, but you can change the appearance. (Note: The purple and white interface are associated with Slack so changing these colors could throw people off.

Slack is for speed. While Microsoft Teams chugs along at times under the weight of its many enterprise-grade features, Slack is light and airy by comparison.

Users might not realize there are many apps and bots that can be added to the interface. These seem to be made for Slack.

Slack may not have introduced hashtags or mentions, but it makes frequent use of them in its interface. Slack was the first app to allow team messaging.

Slack allows users to quickly click on a hashtag to access a channel, such as #mychannel. Although these interface elements are now commonplace, they were new in 2013.

Slack Features (Slack Review Reddit)

The best thing about this collaboration messaging platform is the fact that anyone can sign up for an account and become an administrator in minutes.

You can also establish your own domain (e.g. In just 10 minutes you can add your team members and begin collaborating.

Slack’s features that we now take for granted, such as the easy installation and setup process and the ability to quickly add people within your company, were revolutionary when it was first launched in 2013.

Slack provides a great balance between basic features, such as the ability to chat and share files immediately – users can expect to use it right away – and more advanced functions.

These features are easy to overlook because so many people use them. However, Slack offers a good balance between basic functions such as a quick search function and workflow functions that automate routine tasks. The built-in storage and ability to launch a voice or video chat with just a click make it very powerful.

Slack offers over 2,000 apps, many of which increase the power of the app. Integrations with Google Drive, Trello, and Google Docs allow you to display the popular task management cards within channels.

You can also integrate Slack with Microsoft Office. Slack bots can assign tasks automatically to users, run polls, calculate the results, remind users about meetings, and so on.

Because Slack is so popular, there are many apps and bots. Slack is available for any cloud storage or CRM application you use.

Video calls and additional features

You will discover more features the more you use Slack. You can quickly view highlights of the channel by clicking on the boxes to the right.

Video calls, audio calls, and screen sharing are included in Slack but are notorious for being less stable than practically any other video conferencing software on the market.

There can be delays in calling someone. It takes time to initiate the call, send a notification or ring the receiver, and then connect.

This problem might be eliminated or minimized by the update to the desktop app, although longer-term testing is required to confirm. Hiccups and stalled videos can interrupt call flow, so it is possible to improve call quality.

These issues will be addressed by the Slack team in a future update. Although Slack can be used to make phone calls, I prefer Zoom for more stable video conferencing apps when I need to talk to someone.

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slack review reddit

Getting Started With Slack (Slack Review Reddit)

It takes some time to get used to Slack and other team messaging apps

First, company culture must support Slack adoption. It also takes time for teams to learn the rules of engagement. Which channels should you create and what content is acceptable to be shared? What channels must you join, and which ones can be used for optional purposes? There are many ways to use Slack.

A brief explanation of Slack should be enough to help you get used to the app.

Let’s assume that everyone within an organization creates a Slack account. When a person first logs in to the app, they will see a list with channels on the left. They can access the channels because they are like chat rooms.

Some channels can be joined by anyone, while others are only for those who have been invited. The channel name usually describes the topic. Each department might have its own channel, plus there may be several channels for socializing based upon people’s interests.

You can view all the posts made in a channel by entering it. Sometimes people will reply to one specific post in a thread. This means that the reply won’t appear in the feed. You can open the thread in a new tab to see it.

You can reply to an existing thread, post something new, or add a reaction to it (e.g. emojis). To get someone’s attention, you can use the @ sign before their name. You can also read as much as you like, or search the channel to find a specific phrase or word. This is the basic slack idea.

Exploring the app on mobile, desktop and web is part of the process. This includes all settings and configurations. Slack offers a lot of configuration options and you can change everything, from notification tones and color themes to web previews of shared links.

Slack requires that the team use it to set up rules. This includes how fast people should reply, who can assign tasks to someone in Slack and when to use reaction or a typed answer, what threads to use, and whether comments should be posted directly in the feed.

You may be joining an existing Slack group, so it is worth taking the time to learn about their informal rules and etiquette.

First Impressions (Slack Review Reddit)

Slack is able to get many details right. Markdown allows you to type, edit a message after posting it, and pages preview when links are added.

You can also switch between accounts by using the left sidebar, as it is not unusual to join more than one Slack group. Each account can be customized to have a unique look, which is a great way to keep your groups organized.

Slack seemed chaotic and disorganized when I first used it. I was worried about losing track of important information or losing track of what was happening.

I have used Slack in two professional settings as well as among friends. It also felt very chaotic.

It can be difficult to get over these feelings but, it is possible to overcome them by using the settings of Slack to personalize it. Slack is easier to use when your group works together to find the right way to use it.

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I found Slack easier to use by customizing alerts. I mute all notifications, no matter how many channels I am a part of. This may not be the best move for you but it is something you can do if you are feeling overwhelmed by the app.

Slack allows you to enable or disable notifications in a very fine manner. You can disable notifications at certain times of the day by using the Do Not Disturb feature. DND can be set to recur, or you can use it immediately for a single session.

You can also have different settings for your mobile notifications and your desktop notifications. These customizations will make Slack more enjoyable. However, the configuration is just half of the battle.

You can also customize Slack by adding keywords you want to get notifications about. You can see the badge count next to each channel where someone has used your keywords. This is one of the best features of Slack.

Apps and beta apps (Slack Review Reddit)

Slack can be used on a number of platforms and devices, including Mac, Windows, Android, iOS and Linux. You will need an internet connection to use Slack, which is a cloud-based and real-time tool.

There are two versions for desktop apps on Windows and Mac. The first is the standard version, which is essentially a web app wrapped in a wrapper. There are also beta versions of desktop apps. These beta versions are free to download and can be used by anyone.

The differences between beta apps and regular desktop apps are subtle. I have not found any significant features that you will miss out on by using the beta apps.

Only the Chrome web app and desktop apps support video calls. You will only get audio if you join a conference call using a mobile device.

Screen sharing is only possible in desktop apps and Sharing control of screen sharing can only be done in Mac or Windows apps. You can see if anyone else is using screen sharing from the Chrome web app, but you cannot start it.

Slack mobile apps are very useful when I work in a different time zone from my colleagues. When something is important and I need to pay attention, my phone will notify me.

The message is often very brief because Slack is a messaging app rather than an email application. Because the message is short, I can decide quickly whether or not to reply. I don’t feel like I have to spend half an hour catching up on emails. Slack allows for quick communication which is why messaging apps for teams have been so successful.

slack review reddit

Channels (Slack Review Reddit)

The majority of chats in Slack are hosted on channels called Slack. Channels can be made public so anyone can join them or private for invitation-only. You can also have private messages with individuals or groups in addition to channels.

You get two channels when you create a new Slack profile: #general or #random. The hashtags are always used to identify channels. Although #general and #random can be useful starting points, they don’t reflect the reality of how Slack could or should be used in real-world business settings.

The titles of clients, projects, and departments are better names. People often create channels for socializing so that banter and other off-topic chatter don’t get mixed up with work conversations. Slack is a great place to connect with sports enthusiasts, book club members, and pet owners.

You can rename channels with administrator permission at any time, except #general and #random that cannot be renamed. To move all content from a channel out of sight, you can archive it.

It is crucial to name channels correctly and clearly so that your colleagues know where they are and why. This is why I wish that default channels had better names.

Slack accounts often face the problem of too many channels. This causes confusion for team members and makes it difficult to navigate them properly. It is important to consider what channels should exist and why. It is also important to establish rules about who can create new channels, as everyone can do by default.

The direct messages, sidebar of channels and private conversations are much more useful than how it appears at first glance.

The channel name is bolded whenever there are unread messages. This applies to your name and any direct messages. To indicate the number of messages or mentions you have, a number is displayed alongside it.

The Best Features of Slack (Slack Review Reddit)

I’ve already mentioned threads, but I want to get into them more to show you how useful they are and what they can do better.

Let’s suppose John asks a question on a thread. His question is not answered for the time being. The same channel is populated with unrelated comments later in the day.

Henry, who is in another time zone, wakes up to see John’s question. Slack had highlighted all unread comments he missed while he was sleeping.

It’s difficult for Henry now to respond to John in the channel, given all the activity in his main feed. There are many comments that will help to separate the question and the answer. This is where a thread can be useful.

Henry can answer by creating a thread. This allows him to reply directly to John, without it appearing that everyone on the channel has to read the reply. The thread is located at the side of the first comment and not at the bottom of the channel stream.

The problem with threads in Slack is their ability to get obscured easily. Dave, another member of the team, might have wanted to know the answer to John’s question. (The answer to John’s question is that Dave can comment on the thread or opt into following it to get notifications about new posts. However, not everyone knows how to do this.

The app Twist has a totally different layout than Slack in which every conversation is in its own thread. For people who work asynchronously, it’s easier to organize and keep things in order. It can look a lot like email and has many of the same problems.

Slack has added a few new features in 2019 that make it easier for teams from different locations. Slack will display the local time of someone you are about to message in another time zone. You will be better equipped to decide whether to message them immediately or waiting.

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Integrations (Slack Review Reddit)

Slack isn’t a tool that can be used to collaborate with your workforce. But Slack is meant to be used in conjunction with other tools to create a Voltron of software. To do that, you can integrate Slack with other apps or services, as Slack supports you in this endeavor.

Integrating with email is one example. Let’s suppose you want to send an e-mail into Slack for others to read. Slack allows you to create a custom email address. You can also set up integrations so that the information you input into Slack is sent to other apps, like Trello, JIRA or GitHub.

Slack works with a lot of tools, including Google Calendar, Salesforce, Zendesk, Wunderlist, and many others. Slack supports Zapier if you need help with integration not immediately apparent. Without knowing a single code, Zapier allows you to create integrations between apps and services online.

You don’t need to go the Voltron route if you are looking for collaboration tools.

Many workplace management platforms offer video calling, chat, task management, and all the other features you need in one place.

Podio is a great example. Podio is a hub for work and collaboration. It has its own app store, so you can add everything natively.

Podio and other workplace collaboration platforms usually have to-do lists, calendars, reminders, and many other work tools also included.

How do you access Slack project management tools?

There are many ways you can access the Slack benefits. It is designed to be easy to use from anywhere, whether you are at work or on the move. It can be accessed via:

  • Online through a browser
  • Slack app on Windows and Mac
  • Slack mobile app for Android and iOS.

Slack vs. Email (Slack Review Reddit)

Slack’s greatest benefit is its ability to simplify communications and replace many of your interoffice email messages.

Email revolutionized the way we communicate by replacing letters and faxes. Unfortunately, it has been used by spammers to distribute advertisements and hackers for phishing emails.

McKinsey Global Institute found that the average worker spends 28% of their working week just reading and responding to emails. Slack app review Reddit revealed that companies should adopt chat tools for team communication to eliminate inefficient email communication.

You will find the following when you compare Slack and email:

  • Slack makes it easy to find legitimate emails without having to sort through spam
  • Slack communications are real-time
  • You can set up alerts to notify you of new Slack messages.
  • Slack is a better way to share large files than email.
  • Slack messages are shorter and succinct than email messages.
  • Instead of being stored on multiple devices, communications are saved in Slack.

Benefits of Slack For Businesses (Slack Review Reddit)

Companies that adopt Slack online or Slack apps have enjoyed many benefits. 87% of companies that use team messaging tools claim it improves communication and collaboration.

It is crucial to keep everyone on the same page. Otherwise, costly missteps could occur that can cost companies money. Slack can serve as a central hub for work, allowing projects to be coordinated and communication organized.

Here are some key benefits of Slack for Business:

  • Scale with unlimited workspace: It provides every team with a focused place to work. Unlimited workspaces provide teams with access to information, apps and people that matter most to their projects.
  • Find information across your company: It enables members of any team to find the people and information they need to get work done with the organization-wide search, announcement channels and direct messaging.
  • Build bridges between teams: Create communication structures that mirror the way your company works. Share channels connect teams when needed, including with outside vendors.
  • Fine-tune your security settings: From a single view, admins can manage security, policy and compliance for the entire organization or for specific workspaces, as projects and work warrants.
  • All teams are brought together: Many organizations have teams working separately in multiple locations or different areas of the building. Employing a remote workforce is now a famous way to hire top talent and reduce operational costs. You can easily recoup Slack costs per month by reducing inefficiency and bringing all the teams together in one virtual work hub, where everyone can connect easily, plan and stay on a task.

Slack Pros And Cons


  • The interface that is intuitive
  • Video calls in a click
  • Highly customizable
  • There are thousands of bots and apps
  • Integrates with many other collaboration and office tools


  • Some enterprise features are missing
  • Expensive

Slack Alternatives (Slack Review Reddit)

Slack’s unique combination of popularity and extensive features has made it hard to beat. Microsoft Teams is the only competitor that has managed to gain market share. This is partly due to Microsoft’s inclusion of Microsoft 365, which some companies prefer to keep all their apps within their ecosystem.

Microsoft Teams offers a wider feature set than Slack and provides more detailed compliance and regulatory features. Teams are more integrated into Office products and as Microsoft has Microsoft voice and video chat, it is a more suitable choice for people who must remain within the Microsoft app suite.

It’s difficult to think of another team messaging app that is as simple to use and as powerful as Slack. This app has been a rising star in business dominance.

Flock and Glip are both worthwhile competitors that cost less but have not attracted nearly the same attention. Zoho Cliq has a lot more features and is cheaper, but it lacks the ability to integrate apps with any business purpose. Slack stands out in the end.

Other worthy Slack alternatives are:

Final verdict (Slack Review Reddit)

It’s true that some apps, such as Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Word, have so much market penetration that no app can ever intrude on that space and hope for traction.

Slack is an example of such an app and should be included in the same conversation. Slack is almost always mentioned when business people talk about collaboration messaging.

Most people wonder if they talk about Microsoft Teams because they work in Microsoft shops. We also wonder how much training their employees receive on using Teams. Slack is still the best option for team messaging.

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