Reviews – A Winning Combination of Clever Tools reviews are here! is a cloud-based project management platform that simplifies the way your team communicates and manages workloads.

The software features color boards that make it easier for users to check which projects are in progress, where team members are stuck and which tasks are finished. The solution is designed to provide you the much-needed flexibility and transparent way to organize your work.

With the platform’s highly customizable workflows and visual scheduling interface, adapts to the unique way your team members approach their projects. But how well does the software works?

As you will find out in this reviews, the software is in front when it comes to ease of use and security but may be lacking in advanced functionality. Is it also one of the best software? You will discover everything you need to know about this software in this reviews.

Users can choose to view the boards based on Date, Timeline, Person, Text, or Status. This allows managers to quickly find team members who are under/overworked and balance out workloads. To help remove confusion, all team communication takes place on each reviews. reviews Reviews – Pricing offers four levels of membership including Basic, Standard, Pro and Enterprise. Prices vary based on the number of users accounts your company requires, with the cheapest membership allowing you to only add two users while top-end options support over 200 users.

Whichever user capacity and membership tier you choose, you will pay for through either monthly or annual payment. However, choosing annual billing will save you 18% in the membership fee.

Basic Membership

The Basic membership plan costs $49/month/10users. With the Basic subscription, you will be able to organize your team using Kanban boards, which are the simplest ways to visualize the workflows of your team. Each Basic system comes with 5GB of storage space, so you will probably want to upgrade if your team is large.

Another Basic membership plan shortcoming is that the software’s system can store user activities for only one week. If you want to keep business-vital files on your system, this could be a big issue because you won’t be able to see who modified them. The Basic membership features are:

  • 5 GB of storage
  • One-week activity log
  • Over 20 column types
  • iOS and Android apps
  • Unlimited free viewers
  • Unlimited boards
  • One board per dashboard
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Self-service knowledge base
  • 24/7 support

Standard Membership

Standard membership is a step up from the Basic plan. The Standard plan costs $79/month/10 person team. Most people feel that an upgrade to this plan is worth it because of the more comprehensive features that come with it.

For instance, look at the visual workflow management. With a standard account, you can display project tasks on a highly-visual timeline, which is just like the Gantt chart. The plan also provides users with 50GB of file storage space and unlimited user activity tracking. The Standard membership features are:

  • Everything from the Basic plan
  • 50 GB of storage
  • Unlimited activity logs
  • Advanced search
  • Map/Calendar/Timeline view
  • Forms customization
  • External integrations
  • Share boards with four guests
  • Three boards per dashboard
  • 250 automated actions per month

Pro Membership

Pro membership comes at $119/month/10 user accounts. This plan allows you to connect your dashboard with other platforms. In fact, it supports up to 25,000 integration actions per month.

With the Pro membership, you get unlimited space, which is great for those who work with lots of large multimedia files. The plan also unlocks a lot of useful project tools, including time tracking, chart views and private task boards. The Pro plan features are:

  • Everything from the Standard plan
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited guests
  • Time tracking
  • Chart view
  • Formula column
  • Custom tags
  • Private boards
  • 10 boards per dashboard
  • 25,000 automated actions per month
  • Google authentication

Enterprise Membership

The enterprise plan is’s flagship package which has no public pricing information. For this membership package, installations are customized based on the needs of each customer. The membership comes with a 99.9% SLA uptime guarantee, meaning you can rely on them for mission-vital tasks and storing vital files. Enterprise plan can also be used to create audit logs and individual account permissions.

The Enterprise membership features are:

  • Everything in the Pro plan
  • 25 boards per dashboard
  • 100,000 automated actions per month
  • Single sign-on
  • Audit logs
  • Session management
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Advanced account permissions
  • Tailored onboarding Reviews – Top Features

Centralized Management With Boards

On’s platform, everything is managed with boards. The boards are visually organized and color-coded to help you see who is working on a task, mission, project and to-do, and where they are in the process. For instance, team members can put a “Working on it,” “stuck,” or “Done” status on each task.

Visual Organization

With board placement and meaningful colors, managers can glance to know how each project and team member is fairing. This helps to ensure that all the deadlines will be met and that new tasks are properly assigned/delegated.

Pulses for Organized Communication

All communications on this platform take place within the context of a board. Rows, which are called “pulses” in this software are added to the relevant board and can include file attachments and comments. Users can send messages to the entire team or specific people. Whether you are on the mobile or desktop, notifications for pulses take place in real-time.

Advanced Search

You can search through images, assignments, projects and updates with no date limit.

Invite Clients

You can invite clients as guests to view a certain board so that they can see the progress of their project at any time.

Timeline’s version of Gantt charts is the timeline. With it, you can track projects or tasks that span over many days or for teams with multiple workloads. If there is a delay with a task or project, the user can easily drag and drop timeline bars to extend the due dates. Users can also view multiple timelines on a single timeline board.

Interface and In Use

With colorful designs and big buttons, the system looks awesome. These features make it easy to navigate between screens. Features such as your weekly tasks, message inbox and shared project boards can be quickly accessed via a panel on the left-hand side of the interface.

Just like things on the desktop, things are also straightforward on the mobile version of the platform, which can be accessed through iOS and Android applications. With, it is super easy to work on your mobile when you are on the go. Target Market serves a wide range of industries and company sizes. Here is the list of ten notable customers:

  • Uber
  • Fiverr
  • Adidas
  • Wix
  • Samsung
  • Yuka
  • WeWork
  • Composite Approach
  • Yuka
  • Rendered
  • Discovery Channel


Wherever you are in the system, you will be able to access support through a little “help” icon at the bottom right of the screen. You can access support via tickets, messenger and pre-arranged webinars.

How Do Prices Compare

When it comes to comparing prices with other apps, comparable apps cost around $12 – $13.50/month for their first-tier paid plans. prices seem to be close to this range if your team size is exactly the same as the number you pay for. Otherwise, the price per person is inflated.

For instance, if you have exactly 20 people on your team and you are paying for 20, the per-person price is in line with the market’s average. But if you have 16 people on your team and you are paying for 20, the per-person rate goes up.

There is no question about the fact that lacks some of the advanced features available in alternative project management platforms such as Microsoft Project. But the system design is more user-friendly, making it a better choice if you don’t want to spend hours training your team to use it.

Implementation/Integration is a cloud-based software. You need to enter your work email to start using it. From there, you start your 14-day free trial without needing to enter credit card information until the end of the trial. You can also cancel or downgrade your account at any time.

Before you set up your first board in, be sure to go to your profile page, open the notification section and the kind of updates you want to receive via email. If you don’t, will sign you up for everything by default and your inbox will be bombarded with lots of unnecessary emails.

Part of the signup process involves inviting your team members to join you. Once you have done that, you can focus on board creation. To create boards, you can choose from templates or make your boards from scratch. You can choose a template and also customize it the way you want. But it makes sense to explore all the templates and pick the one that is perfect for your business.


  • Modern UI
  • Offers in-app automation
  • Highly customizable
  • Attractive interface
  • Encourages transparency and accountability
  • Supports integrations with other platforms
  • Useful project visualization tools


  • 14-day trial insufficient to learn the app
  • Expensive if you have a large team
  • Lack of advanced task tracking features
  • Unnecessarily confusing pricing

Final Verdict

In this reviews, we have shown you that it is an ideal project management tool for anyone that is looking for an accessible system that their team can use and enjoy. Unfortunately, some vital features such as calendar views, are only available with its more expensive plans. But stands out when it comes to ease of use, slick design and adaptable third-party integrations.

You can check out.


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