Business Software – The Best Software For Company Management

Whether you are an enterprise or a startup looking for business software, there would always be a lot of business software to choose from based on your needs. Because there is a lot of business software on the market, you want to know the right one for your business.

We all know that there would always be activities going on in your company every time and handling too many things at once can take a toll on you and even your business that is why you need the best software for company management to easily glide through your daily operations.

Today, more and more companies or organizations are investing in business software in order to predict risks, get things done smoothly and improve overall efficiency. So, it is not out of order to say that business management software have come a long way.

To serve distinct business needs, there are many best software for company management on the market. But before you choose a tool, you need to understand what your company want to do with the tool.

Business Software: What is a business management software?

A business management software is a set of programs or an application that help businesses improve, support and automate their process. These types of business software help you to eliminate errors, complete business tasks without hassle, report activities and increase your business overall effectiveness and efficiency.

The best software for company management you choose must meet the requirements of your business in the most effective way.

Types Of Commonly Used Business Management Software

Choosing the best software for company management is not always easy because there are different types of software used for different purposes. Here are the commonly used software types:

  • Database software
  • Asset management software
  • Business invoicing programs
  • Word processing programs
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) software

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Why Use Business Software?

There are several reasons why you need business management software. Here are a few of them:

  • The software simplifies the process of operation and reduces the cost of operation
  • It allows you to review the critical business information in real-time
  • It’s a flexible solution when it comes to changing requirements of your business
  • It eliminates unnecessary risks

How To Choose The Best Software For Company Management For Your Business or Enterprise?

When it comes to choosing the right business software for your business, there are many factors you need to consider. The tool you choose depends on the factors such as the needs, size, tasks and process your business needs to automate. When you are choosing the right business software for your business, make sure it has the following:

  • Resource management
  • File storage and document sharing
  • Project and task management
  • Invoice and budget management
  • Time tracking capabilities

What Are The Best Software For Company Management?

We know there are many business software out there on the market that is why we have compiled the list of the best software for company management based on what they offer.

Business Software - The Best Software For Company Management

1. Slack – The Best Team Communication Software

Whether your business is a small business or an enterprise, your team needs collaboration. Slack is the home of team collaboration. If you want to save yourself the horror of miscommunication, then Slack’s professional tool comes handy.

Whether you are onboarding a new employee, planning the next meeting, sharing critical files or simply exchanging routine messages that can be delivered in real-time, Slack has everything you need. It simply makes team communication better and effective.

You can download the Slack app on mobile and desktop, and even use it on a browser. It provides you with hundreds of integrations that serve your respective project needs. The software offers free and paid plans. Its paid plans start at $6.67 per person per month.


  • Specific channels for topics, team or projects
  • In-app notifications
  • Hundreds of third-party integrations
  • Customized available status
  • Search option for quick access to desired messages
Business Software - The Best Software For Company Management

2. Basecamp -The Best Team Communication Business Software

Basecamp is another great team communication software. It is an excellent online hub for team collaboration and comes with flexible and reasonable pricing. This app allows teams to work together in real-time.

With Basecamp, you have a place to chat, view upcoming assignment, make announcement, and calendar. The app is free but if you want to enjoy the full-fledged app, you have to pay $99/year.


  • Flexible, sandboxed-style software
  • Affordable
  • Supports integration with a wide variety of third-party apps and services

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Business Software - The Best Software For Company Management

3. ProofHub – Best Team Communication software

ProofHub is another powerful business software that offers features your business need. The business management software allows you to streamline the process, store and share files, and share feedback in the same place. You can use its mobile app on iOS and Android.


  • Gantt charts to keep projects on track
  • Effective project and task management
  • Time tracking to track time spent on tasks
  • Dynamic reports to get clear insights

4. FreshBooks – Best Financial Management Software

FreshBooks is a popular tool for accounting and invoicing. When it comes to financial management, it is one of the best small business management software in its category. It comes with a complete suite of accounting features that provides your business with reliable and fast solution for creating quick invoices, tracking of expenses and much more.

You can easily track the time your team spends on a task and bill your client accordingly. This tool also facilitates project management through an elaborate feature set for handling project-related activities effectively. Paid plans start at $15 per month but you have a free 30 days trial period.


  • Team chat
  • Time tracking
  • Accounting reports
  • Expense tracking
  • Invoicing
  • Dashboards
  • Cost estimates
  • Customized team permissions
  • Project assignment
  • Centralized file location
Business Software - The Best Software For Company Management

5. nTask – Best Project Management Software

nTask project management software comes with lots of features that help your business to complete projects successfully. The business software offers powerful modules that provide you with a multi-dimensional solution to your project needs.

With this business software, you have a single platform to plan, collaborate and monitor the performance of your projects without switching applications. Whit its built-in timesheets and Gantt charts, you can track your project performance seamlessly.

The software has a free plan and paid plans. The paid plans start at $1.


  • Create and manage project through systemic workflow
  • Can be used as a to-do list app and design tasks faster and then make role of each member of the team clear
  • Monitor project performance
  • Safeguard projects from potential hazards
  • Communicate with team members
bitrix24 business software

6. Bitrix24 – Best CRM Software

Bitrix24 is a CRM software that doubles as a task management tool. The software provides you with a unified platform for task management, CRM, team collaboration and document management.

The tool also offers basic marketing automation and client management capabilities to both small and mid-sized businesses for free. With a few bucks, you can get access to a lot of solid customer relationship management features and integrations for email marketing.

Additionally, Bitrix24 provides distinct CRM solution for teams, allowing them to track their sales pipeline, provide customer support and automate marketing.

This software has free and paid plans. Paid plans start at $35.


  • Lead management
  • Email marketing
  • Invoicing
  • Sales reports
  • CRM pipeline management
  • Task management
  • Customer contact center (chat, phone, email, etc.)
  • Multiple third-party application integrations

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7. – Cloud Based Management Software For Businesses

Whether you’re a small agency, consultant or freelancer, you can track your work across multiple projects with this software is a simple company management tool that focuses on getting things done easily and faster. brings all your project management and customer management in one place with a slick and simple interface. There is a free version of and the paid plans start at $9 per person per month.


  • CRM
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Built-in time tracking and billing
  • Focused communication and real-time updates
  • Sync tasks with any calendar
software examples

8. Dropbox – Best Cloud Storage

If you are looking for reliable cloud storage for your business, Dropbox might just be the right solution for you. For any business, secure file storage and collaboration is a sensitive matter. If you are not using the right storage, you might suffer file loss.

Dropbox is one of the most reliable storage for businesses. It is easy to set up and helps teams to keep their data in just one centralized location for instant access. It comes with lots of built-in tools that help you streamline other business operations too.

Dropbox has a free version but its paid plans start at $8.25/month for individual and $12.50 per user per team for teams.


  • File storage
  • Custom access code
  • File sharing
  • Integration with other applications

9. Gmail – Best Email Service

Email service is one of the most crucial parts of business management, which is why you might need Gmail. Gmail is powered by Google and it is one of the most used email platforms around. This easy to navigate application offers an array of features. It can be used for personal and professional purposes.

It provides you with powerful spam filtering and organizes your emails in folders based on the content. It organizes your emails into Primary, Social, Promotion, etc.

Gmail is free for personal use and comes with a lot of features. The business account plans start at $5/user/month. You can try the paid plan for free for 14 days.


  • Free storage
  • Spam filtering
  • Conversation threads
  • Email categorization
  • Instant messaging
  • Search bar
  • Virus and malware scanning of files
  • Video chat
  • Powerful sync with other applications
  • Offline access
  • Language support

10. Intercom – Best Customer Support Software

Just as marketing is important, customer support is also important for a business to be successful. Intercom combines AI with user-insight to automate the way you communicate with customers. The tool does this through customer profiles and segmentation.

Intercom also allows you to manage and track your customer requests through live chat features and targeted personalized messages.

Intercom paid plans start at $136/month, which comes with a free 14 days trial.


  • Live chat
  • Live user data
  • Instant messaging
  • Real-time performance tracking
  • Email campaign creation
  • Customer segmentation
  • Behavior triggered messages
  • Third-party application integrations
  • Customer profiles

11. Pipedrive – Best Business Sales Management Software

Pipedrive is an award-winning CRM software. It is a useful and highly responsive sales management system for small businesses and sole proprietors. For lots of the user of this tool, it is a dream come true sort of thing because it has easy to retrieve functionality, sleek and straightforward.

If you are a new user, you can easily set up your account within a few minutes. You can carry out automatic integration with Google Calendar for pop-up reminders and use the software with other third-party apps too. This software is great at what it does.

Pipedrive is a paid software and its basic silver plan starts at $12/user/month. You can also make use of other plans that offer advanced features. Those plans include Gold and Platinum plans that cost $24 and $50 per month respectively.


  • Ability to set up individual and company goals
  • Compatible with mobile devices for on-the-go sales project management
  • Weekly, monthly or custom time scale milestone settings
  • Excellent customer service and 24/7 multi-language support
  • To some level, the API can be configured, depending on the sales portal
  • Google Calendar and Google Contact integration

12. BambooHR -Best Business Recruitment Software

Not only is BambooHR a nifty business management software for people at the HR department but also a great asset to professional head hunters. This software can be called a fully functional employee profile management tool.

You can manage your assets based on their performance metrics, employee onboarding, most recent peer review and off-boarding activities and vice versa. The salient features of this program are to manage the company’s employee profiles through the centralized, constantly updated, cloud database. Other benefits also come with the software: some of them include the ability to update individual certifications, photos, etc.

If you are a human resources manager, you don’t have to rely on storing vital employee and organizational data in conventional cupboards if you have this software. You can easily manage everything in this software with a few clicks.

Managers can even set permission levels, employee permissions like when they take benefits, vacation off, enrollment programs and much more.

BambooHR plan starts at $99 per month.


  • Comes with reporting metrics
  • Standard equal employment opportunity reports
  • A new applicant tracking system
  • Ability to add multiple levels to employee cards for privileged peer review
  • Ability to track and consolidate performance reports of individual employee
  • Third-party benefits, offboarding plans, medical plans, etc.
  • Employee absence and activity summary

13. Nintex Promapp – Best Business Process Management Software

If you are looking for a business process management software that can help organizations to share process knowledge through the central repository, Nintex Promapp software can get the job done without hassle.

The software is designed to facilitate the development of simple visual tools out of process maps, Visio charts and documents, making it easier for your team to track changes in the process.

This tool is perfect for teams belonging to the industry of any size as the software allows any teams to collaborate together in real-time through the dashboard and monitor progress easily.

This is a project management software that offers a comprehensive solution that covers a broad range of processes ranging from basic document management to elaborate workflow automation and built-in risk and compliance management.

The license for Nintex Promapp starts at $950/ month. This may be too cost for small business.


  • One-click process feedback
  • Personalized dashboards
  • Automated workflow management
  • Configurable tags for identifying processes
  • Document management
  • Risk and compliance management
  • Process variation management with cost changes
  • Integration with third-party apps

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14. Inflow – Best Inventory Management Software

Primarily, Inflow serves inventory managers’ needs. It is a tool that can store and retrieve warehouse related information on the go. Whether it is a small business or medium business, this program is a great inventory tracking solution for you.

Inventory management is an art because of a lot of complications involved as the business grows. As a small startup owner with a handful of product batches stored in your warehouse, you don’t want to rely on your memory for everything. This software can help you manage your inventory without hassle.

Inflow is a desktop installer application with a backup system for easy retrieval of information in case your computer hard drive suffers storage damage or loss.

Inflow is offered at a one-time price of $399 per license and $799 for premium edition for large-sized businesses.


  • Manage individual inventory items through RFID tracking
  • Optimize inventory according to sales and demand charts
  • Complete integration with different bar code styles
  • Sales vs. break-even point analysis
  • Order management, entry, exit and delivery reports for customized client experience
  • Single customer purchase history and order tracking
  • Monitor multiple customers for the same inventory sales

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15. TeamGantt – Best Business Resource Planning Software

When it comes to resource planning, no software beats TeamGantt software. The software allows you to use Gantt charts for your resource planning and project scheduling.

To make resource planning effective, you can assign as many resources as you want along with working hours with this software. The details about resources working on a certain task can be viewed by applying a filter and identifying the individual resource workload to allocate tasks based on the capacity and avoid burnouts.

This software has an easy drag and drop interface that lets you make changes according to the schedule, without causing unnecessary delays.

This software comes with free and paid plans. The paid plans start at $49.75/month for a team of 5. If you have a team with more members, you have to pay more.


  • Grant charts along with filters
  • Easy drag and drop functionality
  • Planned timeline vs. Actual timeline viewer
  • Multiple customizable task views
  • Task assignment to multiple team members
  • Task dependencies
  • Workload view by task or hours
  • Resource availability tab
  • Actual vs. estimated hours for time tracking
Business Software - The Best Software For Company Management

16. ProductPlan – Best Business Resource Planning Software

If you are looking to create and manage a project map or your product, you need the best business management tools such as ProductPlan. Project managers prefer this tool when it comes to creating a visual roadmap that can make projects flow.

From project development to software testing and project completion, this tool can help you manage your project from the beginning to the end.

Also, you can collaborate with your team to create the visual roadmap for your products, apply estimates to build a work process that lets your team know the complete picture of your plan. The software comes with an easy drag and drop interface that helps you to make a product timeline and eliminate the obstacle in the development phase.

You can also create different color codes for the progress bar, set milestones and make connections with dependent items.

This software comes with different plans including Business plan at $39 per month per user, Enterprise plan at $69/month/user and Enterprise Plus plan at $99/month/user.


  • Timeline and list view for roadmap according to dates
  • Easy drag and drop interface
  • Create milestones and set the connections between taskbars
  • Make use of planning board to manage backlog items
  • Create multiple roadmaps in the master plan for an entire product portfolio
  • Create a private link and share it with stakeholders

17. HubSpot – Best Business Marketing Software

When it comes to marketing and sales automation, HubSpot is not a pushover. The software provides you with a wide variety of tools that cater to each and every aspect of your inbound marketing. In fact, it is one of the most powerful marketing tools you need for your business.

From website traffic to leads management, sales management and more elaborate CRM, HubSpot helps you manage everything. It is specifically designed to improve your time when it comes to sales management because it tracks customer interaction down to the most basic details.

It offers features such as email sequencing, prospect profiles and email tracking. Through SEO and content strategy management tools, HubSpot makes sure your content reaches the right audience at the right time.

HubSpot offers a free and paid plan. The paid plans start at $50/month


  • Email tracking
  • Leads management
  • Template and canned emails
  • Sequential emails
  • Website traffic management
  • Pipeline management
  • Live chat on the site
  • SEO and content strategy tools
  • Third-party access


When it comes to the best business software for company management, it is not easy to choose the right one from the numerous business management software out there. That is why we have helped you narrow it down.

If you have any other best software for company management or business software you are using, kindly share it with us and don’t forget to let us know why you are using it and why you like or dislike it.

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