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The Best PC Cleaner Free – Speed Up Your PC With A Few Clicks

If you are searching for the best PC cleaner free, you are in the right place. There are many free PC optimizers that claim that they are among the best PC cleaners, but not many of them deliver what they promised.

For that reason, we have tested all the most popular PC optimizers out there and rounded up those that we believe are capable of giving your PC a noticeable speed boost, with no instructive ads or hidden charges.

It is worth noting that these best PC cleaners will only make cleaning and speeding up your PC faster, but you can do much of what the free PC optimizers do on your own with Windows built-in system maintenance tools. If you have no time for manual fixes because doing it manually is time-consuming, these PC cleaners come handy.

If you are after more features, most of these best PC cleaners also offer premium plans that perform more advanced tasks and provide you with additional tools such as secure file deletion and scheduled scans.

The Best PC Cleaner Free

If you are ready to make your PC work faster and avoid all those freezes, these best PC cleaners can help you. Here they are:

  1. Iolo System Mechanic
  2. Piriform CCleaner
  3. IObit Advanced SystemCare Free
  4. Razer Cortex
  5. Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2019
  6. CleanMyMac
  7. Advanced System Optimizer
  8. Microsoft Total PC Cleaner

Iolo System Mechanic

If you really want to enjoy a faster and cleaner PC, Iolo System Mechanic can help you. It removes unwanted apps and junk files, blocks unwanted auto-run settings and bloatware, wipes logs and clears out RAM, caches and browser histories.

This software also eliminates your browsing activity to protect your privacy. This PC optimization toolkit really does what it promises because we have found a significant speed improvement whenever we test it on our PC. The free edition is excellent, but you might want to also consider the two premium versions namely System Mechanic and System Mechanic Pro.

Although it has a free version, some big features are for premium users only.

Why Is Iolo System Mechanic The Best Free PC Optimizer?

  • One-click cleanup
  • Choice of scan types
  • Clean interface
  • Clear, detailed analysis
ccleaner review

Piriform CCleaner

Piriform CCleaner eliminates unnecessary files, cleans your PC’s registry and manages apps. This software has been around for a while and one of the reasons it is growing in popularity is that it cleans parts of your PC that most other free system optimization tools don’t.

It is one of the best PC cleaners that are free. It also offers a paid version that protects and cleans your PC in real-time. But the free version of CCleaner covers the important features such as getting rid of browser caches, removing temporary files, removing unwanted cookies while keeping the useful ones, etc.

If your PC is slow or freezing up often and you are looking for the best free PC optimizer to speed it up, you might want to consider CCleaner. It may not have advanced features like Iolo System Mechanic, but it gets the job done when it comes to speeding your PC up.

Why Is Piriform CCleaner The Best PC Cleaner?

  • Easy to use
  • Frees up disk space
  • For both desktop and mobile

IObit Advanced SystemCare Free

Even if you are a novice user, IObit Advanced SystemCare can help you optimize your PC. The software comes in free and paid versions. The free version covers basic house cleaning and the Pro edition adds internet speed-boosting, deep registry cleaning, privacy protection, real-time optimization and 24/7 technical support.

Whether you choose the free version or the Pro version, the software is well designed, easy to use and perfect for new users. It cleans up unwanted files and folders and neatens up the Windows registry, as well as correcting errors on your hard drive via its slick and simple dashboard.

Why Is IObit Advanced SystemCare The Best PC Cleaner?

  • One-click and auto cleanup
  • Clean, customizable interface
  • Easy to use for even the newest users

Razer Cortex

If you are a gamer, this Razer Cortex can help boost your PC’s performance. Razer Cortex could be the right answer if your system struggles when you are trying to get your game on. The free PC optimizer suspends unnecessary system processes, defrags your system and clears out memory to provide you with the best game performance possible.

You can install this software on your Windows 7. 8 and 10. Though the speed it provides to your PC might not be that significant, but you will like the improvement, considering the software is free. It also automates the fiddly process of turning off unnecessary software and services when you are playing your game to allow you to enjoy a smoother gameplay experience.

Why Is Razer Cortex The Best Free PC Optimizer?

  • Frees up RAM for games
  • Frequently updated
  • Provides FPS stats

Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2019

With Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2019, you can scan for broken registry entries, junk files and browser cookies with just a click and erase them with another one click. With this software, you can even dive deeper by choosing the ‘Details’ button to review the results of the scan one by one.

Unlike most PC optimizers out there, Ashampoo WinOptimizer provides you with a full description of each issue it has identified, explaining what it is and why you should consider erasing it. That will help you to make an informed decision to erase or keep it.

The software also offers routine maintenance tasks such as optimizing the startup process and defragging hard drives. Although you can carry out all these tasks using your Windows built-in tools, having them all in one place is much convenient than moving from one menu to another.

Why Is Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2019 The Best PC Cleaner?

  • Quick, thorough scans
  • Comprehensive toolkit
  • Descriptive interface


CleanMyMac is an all in one package software that cleans junk and makes your PC run faster. This software can also monitor your PC’s performance and remove malware, adware and ransomware from your Mac.

If you are looking to speed up your Mac, CleanMyMac is a perfect PC cleaner for you.

Why Is CleanMyMac The Best PC Cleaner?

  • Fix PC’s issues in just one click
  • Cleans unwanted files such as outdated caches, logs and broken downloads
  • Supports the Mac operating system
  • Can locate hidden files
  • Can quickly sort out software conflicts.

Advanced System Optimizer

Advanced System Optimizer offers a free version and a paid version. Its premium edition costs $49.95. this software is a powerful and easy to use tool that cleans up and optimizes your PC. It works on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. It offers the solutions of system optimizer and cleaner, malware protection and security, as well as driver updater and utility.

The software removes obsolete files and junk from storage. Advanced System Optimizer improves PC’s aped through load time and faster response.

Why Is Advanced System Optimizer The Best PC Cleaner?

  • Defragments the hard drive that improves the data allocation and speed
  • Provides security and privacy plus features like Secure Encryptor, Privacy Protector, Secure Delete and System Protector
  • System cleaner that removes unwanted clutter and junk files.
  • Offers Undelete Files, System Files & Restore, Backup Manager and Effortless Backup & Restore.

Microsoft Total PC Cleaner

Microsoft Total PC Cleaner is free and you can download it now. The software can optimize your Windows system, especially Windows 10 upward. It allows you to select the files to remove from your system. From caches to Mail caches, browser caches, large files, downloads, office caches and application caches.

Why Is Microsoft Total PC Cleaner The Best Free PC Optimizer?

  • Free
  • Cleans PC’s cache and big files
  • Cleans junk files, boosts performance and speeds up your PC.
  • Performs the cleaning on the whole computer.


If you are looking for the best PC cleaner free, there you have it. The choice is yours, just check any of them out and choose the right one for your PC. We have tested all of them and found them to perform better than the competition.

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