Merch Titans Automation Review

Merch Titans is a product of Merch by Amazon. It is one of the best tools for print-on-demand businesses. The good thing is that Merch Titans also offers Merch Titans’ automation tool available to Merch Titans users and every other people – it eliminates the need to upload products manually on different print-on-demand platforms.
This article will provide you with a detailed Merch Titans review and Merch Titans’ automation tool review.
 As a passive income source, Merch by Amazon is gaining popularity.

Many entrepreneurs and designers have taken advantage of this platform to start their own businesses and print on demand.

Many sellers and designers find it a blessing to have tools like Merch Titans that make the process simpler.

Merch Titans software was created to assist Merch by Amazon sellers in various aspects of their print-on-demand business.

You’ve likely heard of Merch Buddy, Pretty Merch and Merch Informer. These were the “first” products in their category. Merch Informer was the dominant t-shirt research company, Pretty Merch is the analytics leader, and Merch Buddy simplifies the uploading of t-shirts.

merch titans automation review

What is Merch Titans?

Merch Titan is a complete All-in-one marketing platform designed specifically for Merch by Amazon. It provides everything you need to increase the sales of your Merch tee-shirts by exponentially starting, growing, or increasing your sales.

You don’t have to switch between programs when you do your research with the available features like Product & Brand Search, Trademark Alert, Product Tracker, Titan Vault and SEO Analyzer. Merch Titans streamline every aspect of your business. You can upload more designs, conduct more research on t-shirts, or focus on uploading to other PODs more because Merch saves time.

Merch Titans is stunning, fast, and has a lot of new features. 

You can try it completely free of charge. Click here to try it out!

Why Should I Switch To Merch Titans When I Am Already Using Merch Informer?

A competitor is necessary for every great tool. Merch Informer is not a bad tool too but Merch Titans comes with a lot of features that you will never find on Merch Informer.

Sometimes, it’s good to step outside your comfort zone and see what else there is. Merch Informer was my beta tester and I have been a loyal MI subscriber ever since it was launched. However, Merch Informer has been a thing of the past since Merch Titans was introduced to me.

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Merch Titans is just better. It’s simpler to use, more affordable, and Merch Informer spends too much time on developing new modules rather than focusing on their core product.

I use a tee-shirt research tool to help me find t-shirt ideas faster and more efficiently.

How I discover Merch Titans?

When this tool was first introduced to me, I didn’t take it seriously because I thought it was just another tool.

However, my curiosity was never far away. The Merch by Amazon blog was constantly updated with high-quality, actionable articles. Merch Titans was constantly updated with new and improved features. That’s amazing, really amazing!

Finally, I took the plunge and tried it.

The rest, as they say, is history.

What modules does Merch Titans offer you?

If you have ever used any sort of merch research tool in the past, then you will be familiar with how some of these modules work. However, some modules aren’t available anywhere else or in any other tools.

Merch Titans, for instance, offers a section called “Notes”. This is a simple function that helps you keep all things “Merch-related” in one place. There’s no need to save Google Drive or Word documents on my work laptop, and then forget about them when I research from home.

Merch Titans has also recently received another cool tool called Merch Titans Automation. This enables you to upload your designs simultaneously to other PODs (more details later in this article).

There are many more options than these two. Let’s look at some other modules offered by Merch Titans.

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Account Overview

After you log in (remember, it’s completely free), you will see your Account Dashboard page. It’s self-explanatory, but here you can modify your avatar, change your password, view past invoices, and manage your subscription.

It is beautiful! You don’t have to believe me, just take a look at what the backend looks like.

merch titans automation review

Titans Vault

This is probably the tool I use most.

The Titans Vault is updated 20+ times per day! A collection of top-selling Merch by Amazon products, including t-shirts, hoodies,  pop sockets and Create Space / Kindle Direct Publishing book.

You can filter products within the Titans Vault module to instantly load a list with the 100-100 bestsellers ranked (BSR) and you can also filter them using the filters.

The Action pane allows you to quickly review the historical BSR, favorite the design, check trademarks and copyright.

Titans Vault takes the guesswork out of researching design ideas. You have three primary filters that Titans Vault can use to sort a large number of products. There are the top 100-1000, top 1000, best sellers rank (BSR), and price. You can also filter by keywords to show only t-shirts that match your criteria.

It even highlights the keyword that you searched so you can see easily if the term appears in the title or Bullet points.

Products SEO

This module will help you understand why certain t-shirts rank so high in Amazon’s search results. This is what I use when I ask myself these questions.

  • What keyword caused this design to rank so highly?
  • Is this keyword in the brand’s title, description, bullet points, or brand?
  • Does the keyword appear in the image?

Simply enter the Amazon ASIN number and a keyword related to your niche to use this module.

Using the Christmas theme, I found a random t-shirt and pasted it in the ASIN and keyword “Merry”. It was quickly apparent that the word was in the image, in the title, and in the bullet points. However, it was not in the description.

This data allows me to determine if I can create a similar design that can rank. If I can, I will know where to place this keyword because that is how the ASIN was able to rank.

merch titans automation review

Keyword Research

Effectively learning Merch by Amazon Keyword Research is what will make the difference between a good and great Merch seller.

Amazon Autocomplete is a great tool for beginners to search for phrases like “funny reindeer T-shirt” and get a lot of quotes.

Experienced sellers are familiar with how to use other platforms like Youtube or Google. The Keyword Research module allows me to quickly determine how often a keyword is searched on Google and the Google CPC. It also shows how many Amazon products currently contain that keyword. They can then fill smaller, untapped niches faster than anyone else once they have this data.

Merch by Amazon is based on the same concepts as the longtail keywords that you are familiar with in relation to niche websites.

LongTail keywords are used to target niche audiences rather than large ones. This module was used to search for the term “merry” on Google. It only showed searches for this term 90 times per month on Google, while Amazon has only 144 products for “Merry Resistmas”. 100 of the 144 products on Amazon are t-shirts. Although I would not tackle a phrase that has so much competition, that is the method I use to narrow my research results.

I would either keep looking at the results for something less competitive or add another long-tail keyword to my seed list.

Keyword Analytics

I find the name of this module a bit confusing. It was initially confusing to me because it sounded similar to Pretty Merch. But it isn’t that type of analytics. It is an amazing addition to the Merch Titans arsenal.

It is basically a built-in dictionary that loads synonyms and similar phrases to any keyword you enter.

Every person searches for products differently. Some search using generic phrases, such as “Funny Christmas T-shirts”, while others use quotes. Other people will search for the keyword using different variations. It’s something I do too. Sometimes, the best products can’t be found on Amazon’s first page.

You should start using keyword variations in your listings if you have not been using it. If you repeat the same keyword in both bullet points, you are leaving money on the table.

Keyword variations can make it easy to rank your design in search results. Instead of repeating the word “merry”, you can use this module to enter the seed keyword “merry”, and receive other variations like “cheery”, “jolly”, or “joyful” to replace it.

Product & Brand Search

Here is what the Product Search looks like in Merch Titans:merch titans automation review

It provides all the information you are likely to already know and presents it in an easy-to-use interface. Search results in total, Average BSR and estimated monthly sales.

Keyword cloud is another design that is very appealing to me. It is easy to see which keywords are being used by other Merch sellers. I use the same longtail keyword principles and keyword variations to quickly determine if I want a wider audience or the niche audience. I also decide which keywords I want in my listing.

Trademark Alerts

Another useful function is Trademark Alerts. You can automatically check your designs for trademarks. Merch Titans will notify you immediately if your design is trademarked. Simply enter any keywords or phrases you wish to monitor.

merch titans automation review

There is a very useful notification system that can be used for many purposes. It can display notifications about products you track, trademarks and replies from their forums, staff updates, or messages.

Merch Titans Automation

If you are still unsure about Merch Titans, Merch Titans Automation might convince you.

Merch Titans Automation is a brand new product that is available to Merch Titans Members and every other people.​​​​It runs locally on your Windows and Mac computers.

It’s a complete Software for Print on Demand and Upload Automation. It can automatically take your designs and upload them to RedBubble (Etsy), Shopify, Amazon, Spreadshirt, TeePublic, Zazzle, and other POD platforms. All data is available through a CSV spreadsheet.

Take a moment to think about it…

You only need to create a CSV file with the designs you already own and your products will instantly be available on all of the top Print on Demand markets. This is going to make your life so much easier than manually uploading the same design to multiple websites.

Merch Titans Automation has it all. Everyone has access, but members will have priority (there will be a discount for members). You can join Merch Titans Automation Facebook Group.

Merch Titans Modules in the Works

Merch Titans is also working on a “Listing Generator” module inside Merch Titans that will help you build “listings” optimized for the automation software quickly with the top information/keywords/tags from multiple marketplaces (Amazon, RedBubble, Etsy ).

What is the cost of Merch Titans?

You can upgrade to a higher plan for as low as $9.99 per month (or $6.99/month with annual billing). This is a great deal for everything it offers compared to other plans.

Affiliate Program

As I mentioned earlier, it is always great to be first to market. Sometimes, however, the market is willing to change.

Merch Titans is a great tool for anyone who has a Merch by Amazon blog, Youtube channel or Facebook group. They have an affiliate program if you love it enough to recommend it to others.

Merch Titans Automation Review

How to Use Merch Titans 

Signing up is the first step.

Sign up and you can download the software according to the device you use: Android or MAC.

The spreadsheet will be available for you to download. This is where you’ll fill in your design details.

These designs include the title, image path, description, price, tags, and your design.

You can adjust the details of your merchandise depending on which print-on-demand platform you use in the app/website.

It could be that there are different colors of shirts for each platform.

Then you can decide whether you want the design to be uploaded as a draft, or to sell it immediately.

After clicking START, and the uploader will take care of the rest.

For all future designs, rinse and repeat.

Print on Demand Platforms Supported by Merch Titans

1. Amazon Merch

Merch by Amazon software allows automatic uploads to all Merch by Amazon marketplaces.

It allows you to resize images and translate languages.

2. Merch Titans Redbubble Tag Generator

RedBubble automatically uploads your designs. RedBubble’s template system allows you to control where and how your design is placed.

If you’re trying to sell cool stuff via Merch Titan, you need the best tags! That is where merch titans redbubble tag generator comes in. Sometimes it takes hours of research to find the top tags to use.

With merch titans redbubble tag generator, you can easily generate a list of the top tags used by the top-selling products in only a few seconds. Just paste these tag keywords into your file and instantly increase your organic exposure.

3. Printful

Printful supports automatic uploads of your designs as well as any other integration that Printful supports.

Merch Titans Automation supports print-on-demand platforms including Wish, Etsy, eBay, Shopify, etc.

Printful will allow you to upload your photos to other platforms once you upload to Printful.

4. Spreadshirt

Automated uploads to the platform for three of their most popular markets: The United States, The United Kingdom and Germany.

5. TeePublic

Automated upload, publishing, and resizing all of your designs

6. TeeSpring, Zazzle and Society6

All your designs can be automatically uploaded and published on TeeSpring and products supported by TeeSpring.

The company plans to add more platforms, and to update its software regularly.


Merch Titans Automation Pricing

Two pricing options are available for Merch Titans automation.

The single platform access and The all-access pass.

The single platform access Costs $24.99 per month

You will not be able to upload to more than one platform. However, the pass comes with similar perks as the all-access pass.

The all-Access Pass costs $69.99 per month

All platforms will be available to you at no additional cost.

These subscription plans come with a number of perks including:

  • Instant download access to either Windows or Mac Operating Systems.
  • Regular updates
  • Unlimited uploads
  • Access to their Facebook group.
  • You can also access training videos that will help you get through the process.
  • Support is available 24/7 to customers who need it.
  • The Merch Titans software is also available.

Unfortunately, Merch Titans automation does not offer a free trial.

But if you are not satisfied with their services, you can get your money back as long as you file your claim within 14 days.

A yearly subscription is more affordable than a monthly one.

This is especially true if you are a full-time print-on-demand company and plan to use the Merch Titans tool regularly.

Merch Titans KDP Uploader

What’s KDP?

KDP stands for Kindle Direct Publishing. It is gaining popularity in the print-on-demand space.

Amazon’s self-publishing platform allows authors, designers, or other creators to upload paperback copies in KDP format.

Their work will be instantly available on Amazon in six international marketplaces in less than 48 hours.

Even for those who don’t consider themselves authors, this is an exciting tool.

It is possible to have very little content or even no content book with a creative design cover.

You can create themed books that include quotes on just a few pages.

Or create books using only blank lined pages.

Uploading to KDP requires patience, diligence, attention to detail, and a lot of time.

That is why the Merch Titans team developed a tool to make the process simpler for creators and designers.

Merch Titans KDP Uploader lets authors publish their e-books or paperback books quickly and efficiently by changing them into KDP format.

This can be done in the same way as you upload your products to different print-on-demand platforms.

Start by downloading the Merch Titans Kindle KDP Automaton application.

A blank spreadsheet will be available to you that you can export and fill out all details to make your book publishable.

These details include the cover and interior file paths, title and subtitle, as well as the suffix, description, keywords, and price.

You can choose the font and style you want for your book.

You can upload multiple files at once.

If you have multiple books, this parallel publishing feature allows you to publish them all at once.

Click on the Start button to watch Merch Titans work its magic.

Merch Titans offers many benefits when you publish your book

  • This format allows you to quickly set up your book and make it available for sale.
  • All your Kindle books earn you 60% royalty
  • Your book will never run out of print if you put it as a print-on-demand option.

Merch Titans KDP is $34.99 per month and allows unlimited downloads.

This automation tool also allows users to create HTML descriptions.

 Canvas Titans

Canvas Titans is a Chrome extension available through Merch Titans’ automation tool.

Designers can create high-quality designs on Canva using data they already have in CSV files. They can also swap it as needed.

These designs can be created and downloaded automatically.

This extension is great for print-on-demand designers who use different platforms such as Merch by Amazon, TeeSpring, RedBubble, Spreadshirt and others.

This tool is also available to book publishers who use Kindle.

This tool is also useful for influencers and marketers who need different designs for their websites and social media pages.

You will need to add the chrome extension in your browser to use the extension.

The design you will create will be scalable using

You can find the Canva Titans website, download their spreadsheet, and fill it with your scalable data.

Then you can choose to either cycle your variables, or download your design.

You will then choose the file format in which you wish to download your design.

This could be PDF, JPG or PNG.

Once you click submit, the automatic scaling and downloading process will start.

It is $9.99 per month and allows unlimited uploads, unlimited cycling and downloading.

Tag Generators

Merch Titans Automation offers several tag generators.

RedBubble tag generator, Spreadshirt tag generator, TeePublic tag generator and  Etsy tag generator.

These tag generators enable users to identify the top tags that are used for the best-selling products on different platforms.

You can copy these tags and paste them onto your products, ensuring your products are visible to the right people.

Merch Titans Automation Benefits

  • Merch Titans is one of the first automation tools to be used by print-on-demand businesses.
  • It lets you upload designs to multiple platforms, making it easier and quicker.
  • Uploading more can increase your earnings.
  • You can upload multiple products at once.
  • Each platform allows you to upload 100 t-shirts.
  • It can upload multiple t-shirts to every platform that you are part of simultaneously.
  • This will save you a lot of time and money, as you can now focus on the important aspects of your business such as research.
  • Amazon Merch Create can also be used as an automation tool.
  • This tool can be used to modify a standard T-shirt design to fit in a hoodie.
  • This allows you to have a greater variety of products.
  • The language converter tool is also useful for German sellers and designers.
  • It converts automatically English to German
  • It can be tedious to have to set up each product for every design you create. This is why automation tools such as Merch Titans are so useful.
  • Important to know that any design that has been trademarked, copied or uploaded on these platforms could result in your account being closed.

Merch Titans Alternatives


Lucidpress is a web-based layout and design application that allows anyone to create beautiful print and digital documents. PERFECT FOR PRINTING: We have removed …

Lucidpress icon

Flying up

A Print On Demand automation tool for KDP and POD (Amazon Merch, Spreadshirt, Redbubble, Teespring, Teepublic, Shirtee, Threadless,…). Available for Windows and macOS.

Flight climb icon


PressWise is an alternative to the purchase of standalone modules (or custom development) of Print Estimation, Workflow Automation, Print MIS, Send and Mail Preparation …

PressWise icon


Propago brings together the worlds of physical and digital marketing on a single cloud-based platform, enabling marketers to better manage the complexities of distribution.


What Is Merch Titans Redbubble Tag Generator?

The Merch Titans Redbubble Tag Generator will help you find the hottest keywords for your products and makes it easy to generate and import best-selling tags to rank your products faster than ever before.

Using the tool is simple!
If you sell products, this free tool will save you hours of time and help you find the hottest keywords for your products.

With Merch Titans Redbubble Tag Generator you can quickly automate this whole process thus saving you time and money, while at the same time allowing you to focus more on being creative.

What Is Titans Vault?

Titans Vault is an actively updated collection of the top-selling Merch by Amazon products. You are able to filter the products however you like and instantly load a list of the top 100 – 1000 products based on the Best Sellers Rank, and/or keyword.

You are able to view historical pricing and BSR data on every single product whenever you like. Titans Vault is the perfect tool for quickly finding profitable product ideas and niches in a manner of seconds!

What is Merch t-shirt Description Generator?

Creating good designs and writing captivating product listings will get you so far on RedBubble. Making sales is the end goal for many RedBubble sellers, and you can only do that with the right descriptions and tags.
If you’re a RedBubble seller and want to get more sales, using a merch t-shirt description generator is a must.

Popular Redbubble Tags

This tool was built to help you understand which tags are popular on Redbubble over time. By looking at the table it generates, you can easily determine which tags gained popularity in the last 7 days. You’re also able to see the number of results for each tag, which helps you evaluate a niche.

If you’re wondering what’s hot on Redbubble and which tags are gaining popularity, you came to the right spot. This tool was built with that purpose in mind. Gather weekly count data and start growing your Redbubble shop today!

How Trademark Alerts Works?

The Trademark Alerts module allows you to add any keyword or phrase that you would like to track and be alerted about when/if it ever becomes officially trademarked on

Keep your Merch by Amazon account safe by adding all the phrases you use on your shirts to this module. We’ll alert you via email and inside your dashboard, if they ever become trademarked.

What Does The Product SEO Module Do?

The product Search Engine Optimization (SEO) module allows you to put in the ASIN of any product on Amazon and specify a keyword to run a check through specific criteria/rules from Amazon and Google to generate an SEO score between 0% and 100%. The better the score the more likely the product is to rank highly in Amazon and Google for the specified keyword.



The Merch Titans tool and Merch Titans automation are tools that designers and sellers should seriously consider investing in.

You get a higher return on your investment because you can upload many designs in a short time.

Merch Titans is not just for merch sellers but also serves as a resource for self-published authors.

It’s a game-changer and has saved sellers many hours.

Your designs are protected because they are stored on your computer and not in the software.

This allows you to have complete control over your designs as well as your information.

Merch Titans automation includes a large Facebook group where you can get help and best practices tips when you’re stuck.

Initially, the spreadsheet can seem time-consuming and complicated to use.

Once you understand the information required, you’ll be able to see how efficient and fast this system can be for your business.

I recommend that anyone who feels stuck using the resources offered by Merch Titans can count on Merch Titans support team to help with any questions.

You can also access video tutorials, which will be very helpful especially if you’re just starting out.

Merch Titans KDP Automation includes an app that allows you to see how things are going while you run your business. You can check out the software

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