WPS Review: Get Free WPS Download

• Excellent selection of powerful tools
• Cloud support for cross-platform work
• PDF conversion

• Some ads
• WPS word doesn’t do a great job in terms of grammar and displaying bold texts

WPS review? We all know that Microsoft Office has been dominating the productivity suite market for many years, recently succumbing to Google’s free alternative. Previously known as Kingsoft Office, WPS comes with three office products, each with an amazing display and interface that’s easy to use.

WPS is another open source software example that is not only free but also an alternative to Microsoft Office. In fact, it manages to mimic the entire look and basic set features of MS Office. It is available for free and you can get WPS download for free but ads are associated with some features.

This office suite comprises a presentation tool, word processor, spreadsheet and more, and of course, it is fully compatible with Microsoft Office document formats. Just like you’ve got a lot to like about LibreOffice, you’ve got a lot to like here too.

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WPS cloud’s element is a great touch and while you can’t really get excited about the 1GB of free storage it offers, it is the 1GB is useful for small files like text documents.

This Office software suite also offers a lot of features including the ability to convert PDF files into Word format. Its ability to convert PDF files to Word format gives it an edge over other free office suits. It is also offering low system requirements, which is ideal for installing on even the oldest Windows computers.

If you like to work on the move and take advantage of cloud storage, WPS also offers Android and iOS version of the software, alongside one for Linux. The fact that it also supports many languages makes it an incredibly versatile suite.


WPS Office File Format

WPS Office Free fully supports the following file formats, meaning you can open, edit and save back to the following formats:


You can see that WPS is capable of using popular Microsoft Office file formats including PPTX, DOCX and XLSX.

WPS Office Vs Microsoft Office

You already know that Microsoft Office comes bundled with many programs including a note-taking application, an email client, Word processor software, database, presentation, spreadsheet and more.

WPS on the flip side doesn’t support all of the varieties supported by MS Office. Although the two suites are close, WPS is only trying its best to match Microsoft Office. But the WPS interface can sway you and make you prefer WSP to MS Office.


User Experience

If you have used the recent version of Microsoft Office, WPS Office Free will look familiar to you. It uses the same ribbon interface as MS Office, and al of the most common options and tools are placed intuitively so that you won’t have to spend lots of time searching the tools you need or setting.

WPS performance is also swift, thanks to its light system requirements. Of course, not everyone will like the ads that need to be endured to gain timed access to some features of WPS Office Free, but you just have to get acquainted with the ads because that is the only sacrifice you have to make to enjoy this excellent software suite free of charge

Paying a Premium

WPS Office Free does not only provide the Microsoft experience, it also offers wide compatibility with more than 50 document and image file formats. WPS premium unlocks all features including the ability to edit PDF, export images without watermarks and 20GB of cloud storage.

For the premium package, you have to pay $4 per month or $30 per year.

WPS Download

WPS download is free and it doesn’t take a lot of space on your device. You can download it for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS. If you are ready for WPS download, get it done below.

download WPS OFfice now


WPS Office Free is a great office software and you can see that in this WPS review. But you shouldn’t compare it to other Office suits. It is important to look at it on its own to recognize the advantages it provides.


It is easy to use; it has a great interface and WPS download is free. If you are looking for an alternative office suite to Microsoft Office, this suite goes a long way towards providing an incredible free software. For your day-to-day office needs, it has everything you need.

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