Google adds cinematic touch, automated collages and favorite people to Memories

Google has announced new additions to its Memories app. This announcement comes in time for the holiday as the new additions include features that allow you to create cinematically enhanced photos, automated collages and collections of favorite places and people.

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The cinematically enhanced photo feature is a form of panning or changing the depth of a photo giving it a 3-D effect. This allows you to focus on a person’s face in a given photo, by enlarging it as animation while the background remains fixed. Google says the resulted cinematic photo is like effects seen in a lot of Hollywood movies.

The idea here is to provide the viewer with a feeling of being taken back to the moment captured in the photo – to enhance emotions. The photos can be made to show up automatically if you want. Additionally, the cinematic pictures can be shared with others who have the Memories app.

Also, Google has increased collage design in a way that allows for more logical connections between events. You can now automatically make collages of events or of certain subjects. The app will find, for instance, all your camping photos, (or all you and your wife’s photos where you were together and show them together in an eye-pleasing way.

The collage feature can do the same with all your holidays or birthday photos, or whatever photos you choose. Google has added new kinds of layouts with more kinds of styles to make the collages look more cohesive.

Google developers have also made it easier to highlight and view some of the vital times you have shared with the most important people in your life. Google’s AI system can now figure out who they are by noting who you take photos of the most. The app will then present them to you in a personalized way to make them more emotional. This feature also allows you to do the same for important places.

Furthermore, Google has made it possible to exclude things, places or people from the photo that appear in the Memories app, to prevent unpleasant memories from spoiling the fun.

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