Apache Open Office Download -Everything You Need To Know


  • Open Office (OpenOffice) is free
  • Supports the same formats as rival programs such as Word and Excel
  • It offers some mouthwatering features


  • Lack of constant updates
  • Not enough for heavy Excel users
  • Poor presentation


From inception, Open Office was the original free contender to Microsoft Office, but in recent years, software Suits such as LibreOffice and WPS have turned the table to become the legitimate free contender.

Of course, we also have Google Docs, which is the free online contender to Microsoft Office. But, unlike LibreOffice and WPS, you can’t use Google Docs offline. Open office is one of the open source software examples with suites such as word processor (Write), presentation (Impress), spreadsheet (Calc) and database management (Base) programs, alongside math and drawing apps.

Open Office suite works with most Microsoft Office formats including XML, PPT, XLS and DOCX. Of course, the software is free to download and use on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Open Office Hands-On

If you are looking for Microsoft Office free alternative, you might want to consider Open Office. By default, it uses the Open Document standard for native files, but you can also save in MS formats. Most of the time, OpenOffice save in Microsoft Office’s formats perfectly.

Open Office supports document review features such as track-changes and commenting, but it has no native cloud storage or email programs. But it has an extension that allows you to connect to many third-party cloud storage providers such as Google Drive and Box. You can also configure OpenOffice to work with some open source email clients such as Mozilla Thunderbird.

Open Office Features

  • Familiar Microsoft-like interface
  • Excellent Microsoft Office compatibility
  • It has many languages
  • Works on Windows, macOS and Linux

OpenOffice Missing Features

  • Mobile apps
  • Native cloud storage and email support

Open Office Download

OpenOffice is free to download. So, if you are looking for Open Office download, it is free and you can download it below.

download openoffice software for free now


Apache Open Office as come a long way. It is not about OpenOffice vs Microsoft Office or which suite has better features, but rather whether OpenOffice suite has enough features for your work requirement.


Microsoft Office is a paid software, so if you are looking for a free alternative, you might want to give open office a try. If you want something close to Microsoft Office, you might want to consider LibreOffice, which is a great software suite.

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