Sheppard Software Review – The Fun Way For Kids To Learn

Sheppard Software is one of the most popular software that lets your kids learn in a fun way. So if you are looking to make learning fun for your youngsters, Shepperd software comes handy.

If your intent is to let your youngsters have some limited screen time, and you desire for them to spend their time well, this might be the right tool you need to keep them busy. I understand you DON’T like to see your children freely peruse the net and stumble upon whatever weird brand-new application or game is out there that is why I am writing this Sheppard software review.

If you require a better option that will keep your kids busy in a fun way, the good news is, there is one! It’s called the Sheppard Software application, and it has something for everyone.


If you have not tried the Sheppard Software application, you’ve been missing out.

This educational site supplies hundreds of totally free, online, educational games for children. There’s a lot of amazing content on this website, for every single age and capacity level.

Sheppard Software Application Web Page

If you just wish to get up and start running the software swiftly, here are some important links to the very best Sheppard Software application have for you:

Preschool And Kindergerten

Elementary School – Early Middle School

Sheppard Software application is an app devoted to providing enjoyable, enriching activities for different age groups, from pre-school and also up.

I had certainly never heard of the Sheppard Software program until very recently. As quickly as I checked the software out I was psyched! I don’t wish to allow my 5 years of age to have fun with arbitrary games, due to the fact that I don’t trust what may pop up on the screen.

This is an excellent solution.

At you can discover totally free software that supplies learner-based content in a secured online room.

The website has actually had more than 20 million visitors in the last few years alone (so evidently a couple of other people already know about this treasure. Ha!).

This software application is the best solution for some excellent, engaging media for my Kindergarten aged child. We still wish to keep screen time to a plain roar, but moderately this is an excellent option.

This Sheppard software would function well for home use, as well as in school computer labs and for homeschoolers.

Just How Much Does Sheppard Software Program Cost?

It’s absolutely free. Yes, it is FREE!

No software can beat that cost unless for some reason you discover a company that wishes to pay YOU to utilize their software. If you find such a company please let me know.

If you desire an ad-free website you can pay $36 a year for personal use, although this is not necessary, since the advertisements are so unobtrusive in the free version. I really don’t even notice the ads.

If you so much hate ads (perhaps you’re an instructor), here are the paid options for you:

Why Would My Youngster Use Sheppard Software Application?

The software application could be wonderful for various reasons, but mainly:
  • To enhance academic content they are working within their school.
  • As homework (if the software is being used by schools).
  • For entertainment (this is an excellent alternative to standard video games).
  • For restorative help, if a kid is having issues with some core academic concepts(i.e. letter identification, doing standard mathematics, etc.).

Age-Appropriate Web Content For Kids

Sheppard Software breaks down its material based on age group. They provide sections for:

  • Kindergarten.
  • Elementary.
  • Middle-school.
  • Adult learners.

The website would hold a bigger allure for more younger students, I would specifically say pre-school and also elementary school.

What is good concerning the method the materials are broken down is that it is very easy to locate the appropriate content for the level your child is operating at.

It is good to discover a site that you can really feel comfortable with your kid using, without fretting about the web content that they may stumble upon!

sheppard software main

Site Design And Layout

The Sheppard Software program can be a little overwhelming at first glimpse.

There is plenty of choices on the homepage, but once you get a grasp of the layout it is easy to navigate.

On the left hand of the homepage, there is a “Popular Games” section, as well as on the right hand side you can locate brand-new content.

Although there are LOTS OF options to choose from, you can swiftly narrow things to what you’re looking for.

The “Recommended sections per level” tab is especially helpful to quickly navigate to the appropriate age/content you’re seeking. You can locate it by scrolling down the homepage.

Once you start playing around with the different video games, you can quickly go down the rabbit hole of related content.

Nonetheless, unlike YouTube, there is nothing sketchy for youngsters on this site! So you can feel great that your child is not likely to stumble into a really scary rabbit hole loaded with weird cartoons and challenges that were created by a cult. So, you win!

The worst situation that can arise is if they end up on a video game that is difficult for them, and you may need to assist them to navigate back to their right ability level. I will take that risk over the cult thing.

The various options available could be an asset if you have an independent kid who loves to explore subjects’ details. Nonetheless, it could potentially be distracting for a youngster as well.

If staying with one task is very vital for your kid, you may have to guide them along a little bit.

Content Breakdown By Category

Sheppard Software U.S.A. Geography

The U.S.A. Geography section is really thorough.

You can learn the states and capitals (do not get cocky, you might seem like you have a grasp on this, but … I dare you to simply search for South Dakota).

There’s a ton to discover right here: everything from the Harlem Renaissance to the US Landmark Challenge section.

For an inquisitive learner, it is good that a lot of details are available in an easy-to-understand method. It is practically like the exhibits you see at science and history museums, where you can push a button and learn more regarding whatever is on the display screen.

Sheppard Software World Geography

Do you wish to know the capitals of every country in Asia? Not really? Well, somebody does! And they can do it right on the site.

Similar to the United States Geography section, there is a great deal of content here. Youngsters taking World History courses need to obtain a lot of mileage out of this section, especially if they need to memorize anything related to Geography.

This would certainly be incredibly helpful for older youngsters (middle school and also senior high school) getting ready for a History test.

Children learn in different ways, and having this kind of tool on hand for visual support with a “video game” will work effectively for some students.

Sheppard Software Animals

This section reminds me a lot of the National Geographic for Kids Magazines, which my boy loves.

There is plenty of accurate details, which ought to attract an elementary school-aged youngster here. Children of this age enjoy new discoveries, so utilize this to your advantage.

Want to know every little thing there is to know about bears, kid? Well of course, here you have it

The “Animals” section is broken down right into sub-sections:

  • Mammals.
  • Fish.
  • Birds
  • Reptiles
  • Invertebrates
  • Amphibians
  • Child’s Corner (Concentrated on games, where the sections above present valid details).

sheppard software language

Sheppard Software Language Arts

This section has a combination of games targeted at improving grammar, and a host of Word Games for fun (Crossword Challenges, Hangman, and so on). The target age here runs the gamut; there is game-based material for children learning what nouns are:

Right to SAT prep for high school kids:

Sheppard Software Health

The health section of the software has some games for children at the top (i.e. “Nutrition for Kids” as well as “Skeleton Gamings”).

If you move further down in the health section you can find information for grownups (i.e. “Heart Disease 101” and also “Stroke 101”).

I can not imagine adults visiting the Sheppard Software website for this information when websites like the  WebMD and Mayo Clinic are available.

But maybe somebody is like “I will play this vocab video game with my child and afterward do a deep study into Arrhythmias for some enjoyment of my own!”

Sheppard Software Science

In Sheppard Software application’s Scientific section they perfectly break the content out into activities for younger children, and after that plainly marked options for “elementary/middle school” aged children as well.

If you wish to know what makes an animal an animal, you have come to the right place. If you roamed in here seeking an actual animal, please redirect yourself to a farm.

Suggestion: one of the famous games on the site, The Food Chain Game, is found in the Science section. You get to see the life cycle in the animated form right from the convenience of your room.

Sheppard Software Math

Sheppard Software’s Mathematics section is comprehensive as well as enjoyable. You can freak out in this area if “craze” and “Mathematics” lock horns in your brain.

You can begin with some basic Mathematics functions and move directly to higher-level Mathematics – algebra, probabilities, proportions, etc

This section is amazing, and I claim this as a person that doesn’t truly like mathematics.

Kids will like interactive video games here. They will learn math without even noticing they are learning it! Sneaky? Like hiding veggies in brownies.

Sheppard Software Application Kindergarten And Preschool contains instructional games as well as learning activities. There is a unique section just for preschoolers and also kindergarteners that is fun without being too busy and overstimulating.

The Kindergarten and Preschool section of the site focuses on the fundamentals: colors, numbers, the alphabet, shapes.

Sheppard Software Brain Games

The Brain Games section offers classics such as Battleship and Solitaire, along with the famous offering, Mouse Trap. These are traditional-style computer games – nothing flashy here.

sheppard software

Best Of Sheppard Software: Where To Begin?

Sheppard Software application truly does have a lot to offer including:

Fruit Splat

My boy quickly inclined to this video game. It is an enjoyable and engaging math game and you can set the “speed” to match your skill level. This would be perfect for a child who needs to work on mathematics but is hesitant about it.

There are sections for division, subtraction, multiplication, and addition.

USA States

The Geography offerings on Sheppard Software are really solid. Any child taking a United States History course that requires to learn all the States and Capitals can truly gain from this.

Mouse Trap

This prominent game will certainly remind you of an arcade game from the 80s. What’s not to like about that?

I discovered that it is weirdly difficult. I think my hands are not functioning. Tough to say really. Anyway, your child will enjoy it! It gets on the most popular list for a reason.

Magical Capitals

This area cracks me up! It is great practice for youngsters to figure out what letters needed to be capitalized.

However, the actual fun is when that good-hearted-looking fairy in pink gets distressed when the incorrect letter is selected. Beware! That fairy is not fooling around, all I’m saying.

Preschool And Kindergarten Letters Section

This software program is specifically solid for younger kids, so if you have a kid in Preschool or Kindergarten it would make sense to take a look at the specialized section for that age.

Look at the sections on numbers, letters and colors to enhance what your kid is learning at school.

There are also a lot of “flashcards” in this area to help exercise early view words.

Sheppard Software Computer Requirement

Sheppard Software program will certainly work as long as you have the internet! You will be required to open it in a web browser such as Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari.

I particularly love the fact that no account or login is needed for you to make use of the site. It looks like a little thing, but it is simply one less trouble.

Flash is needed, so see to it that you install the most recent Flash. Some video games require enabling pop-ups.


Sheppard Software YouTube Channel

Sheppard Software application does have a YouTube channel.

I am always cautious regarding YouTube generally because it is so easy for your kid to end up in an unusual place in just a few clicks.

Nonetheless, if you like YouTube and/or are able to monitor, you may want to check the YouTube channel out.

Benefits Of Sheppard Software Application

The website provides you with numerous benefits:

  • It is interesting, specifically for kids.
  • Provides a lot of chances to reinforce academic learning in material areas that children will need for success in their schools.
  • Academic content is taught in an interesting and usually “game-like” method, which will appeal to youngsters.
  • Easy to hone in on what you are trying to find (i.e. material to aid a child practice division; map-based games for an older child desiring an enjoyable way to get ready for a History exam, etc.).
  • It is cost-free! And for a small charge, this would certainly be easy to use in a school setting, or for homeschooling families.

Limitations And Drawbacks

The primary “drawback” is that the graphics look rather outdated, as well as aren’t as showy as what youngsters might be used to.

Nevertheless – this is not necessarily a negative point in a world of continuous overstimulation! And younger kids most likely will not notice it.

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Although the website provides something for every age, it feels like a site largely made for younger kids (pre-school to middle school) as well as may likely not appeal to high school kids.

Review Of Features

  • Free material or you can pay a little fee for an entirely advertisement-free experience.
  • Hundreds of interactive online video games covering all sorts of academic material sections.
  • Visual and also audio effects make learning enjoyable.
  • Various options are based upon the level of ability.
  • Can be utilized to reinforce lagging skills or to challenge youngsters already competent at a high level.
  • A newsletter is provided to figure out what’s brand-new.

Shepperd Software Pros And Cons

Let’s begin with some fast Benefits and drawbacks before taking a much deeper take a look at the site:


  • Free (as long as you are not bothered by some inconspicuous ads).
  • Engaging for youngsters.
  • Emphasis is on educational material, but it comes in a game-like fashion in order to interest children.
  • Covered lots of subjects (from math to Spanish to Geography and much more).
  • Easy to focus on exactly what you are seeking (i.e. materials to assist a youngster practice division; map-based games for older children desiring a fun method to plan for a history examination, and so on).


  • Graphics are outdated, which may turn off some kids.
  • The navigation can be a little bit frustrating.
  • The software offers a lot of games which may end up being a distraction for some children.
  • The website is mainly for youngsters (pre-school to middle school) and may likely not interest high school children.

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Sheppard Software FAQ

Why is Sheppard software blocked?

The games are not showing up. I have an ad blocker installed in my browser. If you have installed an ad blocker, you may need to disable it to use Sheppard Software.

Is Sheppard Software Safe?

Sheppard software is an online platform where your children are secure from abusive content. This website is designed to provide a virtual play area where kids can gain knowledge by playing games. It is the best domain so far that can help parents to keep away their children from watching time-wasting content.

Does Sheppard software work on Ipads?

Sheppard Software. New! Great educational games that work on desktops, laptops – and now phones, ipads & tablets!

Is Sheppard software free?

Sheppard Software: Fun free online learning games and activities for kids.

How can I play games without flash?

Ways To Play Games Without Adobe Flash Player
  1. Method 1: Use Flashpoint To Play Flash Games.
  2. Method 2: Check For Flash Game Archive.
  3. Method 3: Play Games Using Internet Archive.
  4. Method 4: Use OperaGX (Our Recommendation)

Important Note About Time

Like several moms and dads, I worry about the quality and quantity of screen time my youngsters have access to. With a lot of media continuously offered, I intend to make healthy decisions for my family.

According to the AAP, problems start once media use begins to disrupt physical activity, social communications, and hands-on experiences, which are all vital to learning.

The advised screen time for kids between ages 2 and 5 is up to 1hr a day of top-quality programing.

For kids ages 6 or more, the AAP recommends placing regular limits on time spent using media and also the sorts of media your child is utilizing.

Sheppard Software program could have a useful place in a “healthy and balanced media diet regimen” for children, however just like all media, the quantity of time invested in this device should not become such that real-life experiences are taking a rear seat.

For more info on this topic, you can check out The Big Disconnect: Protecting Childhood and Family Relationship in the Digital Age by Catherine Steiner-Adair EdD and Teresa H, Baker. Also, check out Juliana Miner’s Raising a Screen Smart Kid.


Sheppard Software program is really comprehensive. It is not trendy or flashy but has a great deal to offer, especially for Preschool and Elementary youngsters that might not be accustomed to slicker graphics.

As moms and dads, here is what I love about this site: It is engaging, without being way too much.

A lot of the media developed for youngsters runs at a frenzied rate (think Paw Patrol) when slower pacing is more developmentally suitable (think Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers).

Kids are pestered regularly with overstimulating graphics. Gamings can still be interactive and pleasurable without moving 1,000 miles an hour.

Sheppard Software program strikes a good balance right here.

If you want your kids to learn in a fun way, Sheppard Software is definitely worth checking out for your kid.

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