Adobe Photoshop Now Runs Natively on Windows 10 ARM

Adobe Photoshop Windows ARM is live! Adobe recent update shows that it has removed the beta tag from Photoshop. This enables the application to work natively on ARM devices.

In 2020, precisely in November, Adobe committed to bringing its Creative Cloud suite apps to Windows ARM devices to run natively on ARM hardware. This started with Photoshop being released in a beta version.

Now, Photoshop on ARM is ready, albeit with a few limitations for Creative Cloud members.

What is Windows ARM?

In 2016, Microsoft announce that work had started on Windows 10 ARM that runs on the same chip as many Android smartphones, as well as Apple’s iPads, iPhones and new Apple M1 Macs.

What is Windows ARM? Windows on Arm simply means running Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system on Arm architecture-based processors. Historically, Windows ran on the x86 architecture, such as processors from AMD and Intel.

This is the second foray into making Windows available on ARM devices because Windows RT was released for the purpose in 2012, but OS was incredibly limiting due to the fact that there were only a handful of apps to download, and only from the Windows Store.

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Now, this second iteration looks to be easier to use and less convoluted. ARM architecture as a whole allows faster results in exporting content, longer battery life and much more.

How to Download Photoshop on ARM

Launch your Creative Cloud Suite app, and you will get an option to download and install Photoshop ARM on your device.

Note, not all features are available right now. Some features such as a Shake Reduction filter, embedded video layer and more are not currently included, but Adobe has noted that they will be available in future releases. SO it is time to start enjoying Adobe Photoshop Windows ARM.

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